chapter ii

chapter ii


The Astro-Physicist of Fashion that I wish I Could Ask to Sit at My Table
But who would I sit her by?? I guess Rei Kawakubo... but then who next to her...
This little gal, Tavi, is scarily brilliant and cool; she's a fashion savant. I am shocked and jealous of her at the same time that I wish I could be a fraction as cool. And she is 13. She is just unbelievable...and so little she just looks even cuter in all of her outfits.(Like how cute Dakota Fanning looks in those Marc Jacob ads...)
Read her blog now...
"Justin Timberlake will never be Zachary Quinto. And then Anna's all.. werq. I'm actually surprised she isn't jumping. Against a beige backdrop.
Also, emotion! How fresh! I'm sure it's the new thing for fall, along with menswear! And jumping! Against beige backdrops!!11!!!"
Just a little taste...Ouch.

"My dad and the friends we were staying with and I met them at their studio. It was extremely cool. All of their books were arranged by color, and Kate said they had a storage unit rented out for the REST of their books. When we got together for lunch on Wednesday, Laura’s first reaction to the Aubrey Beardsley book I got them was “Now we have a green book!” There’d be a title on Christian Dior right below one about Norwegian Black Metal, right next to one about Picasso, right next to one about anime."

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