chapter ii

chapter ii


Sartorial Smoke

It has become very "Austin Coo" to wear TOMS shoes. You know Mr. Casual with the skinny jeans glaring at your SUV while he puffs on an American Spirit... but I might be slightly perturbed if my picture showed up on

with this as the description: "Maggie Grace with Blake Mycoskie in TOMS shoes." How offended that dress must have felt- In all of its perfection and beauty smiling confidently that it has been noticed by Finally! The day it has waited for. It can barely wait to be returned to Maggie's closet to tell all of the other dresses what it felt like... only to be upstaged by the ultra coo TOMS shoe. Poor, poor dress.
But, alas, what can you do? We've all seen that Blackberry commercial... he's just too cute, making the world better, and obviously cares about kids and humans immensely. Ok, and the shoes are really cute.
So, rather than stand up some more for that exquisite creation Maggie's wearing, I'm going to have to declare Blake Mycoskie a Smokie S'more because his marshmallow is heroically hot.
And as it turns out... he's got a blog. Click here, to go there.

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