chapter ii

chapter ii


Iceberg Straight Ahead

I have found that a useful tool for looking at and understanding art in any form, be it literature, film, a painting, fashion, etc. is to apply the "iceberg theory." The iceberg theory is a pretty self explanatory concept that is based on the idea that what you see at a surface level is merely the tip. "The tip of the iceberg"....but there's lots to discover it's just not being shown to you.

Additionally, it takes a certain person, Johnny, to watch a movie like Valkyrie and wonder who designed such impeccable uniforms for the Nazis. I'm sure being tired paired with the 3 hour length of the movie also helped, but it's interesting to think about. Something I had never really considered. After a little research we were surprised at the answer- Hugo Boss. Did you know?


And then:

It really makes me wonder. Such a seemingly small aspect, clothing, of such a horrible time still plays a significant role in the whole scope of things. I mean, when you read a quote like this from a current article: "...the cocooning effect of the silhouette and the suggestion that, rather than going out and fighting aggressively in tailored jackets and black leather, the alternative approach is one of self-protectionism..." about Comme des Garcons collection in reaction to the "economic/political/world crisis" we are in, it becomes very obvious that there's a lot of thought that goes into design. And war is no foreign form of inspiration for fashion by any means.
enveloping layers, Comme des Garcon:


military inspired yet disheveled...but also ornate...

But it just shows that aggression can come through design, as well as the opposite. Clothing speaks volumes about people, culture, and time. The order, precision, authority, intimidation, and basic fear projected by a Nazi uniform is just at the tip of a titanic sized iceberg. I mean imagine, as the head of a small clothing company in Germany, having that as a task. And then to see what that small German clothing company has become today. I know that in retrospect we can see things clearer than they did, but wow, it just is something to think about as well as recognizing the way representation in any form effects us.

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