chapter ii

chapter ii


"Home... is where I want to be..."

Have you ever heard that all stories are either about leaving or coming back home? I swear I heard that at some point in school --but, I can't remember if that's exactly what it was. For some reason it hasn't really left my brain... and I think about it consistently enough to where it hasn't been pushed out. I think it's taken up residence in my long term memory. I have tried googling it but I just end up trying to converse with Google rather than search through me romantic. Anyway, I haven't ever really understood the truth of the statement until last night when I saw Away We Go.

I had been wanting to see it for a while and did think humor was going to be more forefront but was content if not pleased by it nonetheless. Though, I will say- it is one of those movies that if you tell people you loved it, they will think of you when those awkward moments happen... it happens to me all the time. When someone gives you a book or tells you to see a movie, you always think of them if some crazy sex scene happens. It's not fair really, but they are usually the first person who pops into your head? But, it's still funny, at least a little bit. I'll just say that if I were to flat out say "I love this movie." then you'd probably do the same thing from the very beginning of the movie...and I mean the very beginning.

Anyway, back to the point about going away or coming back home. I do think that essentially most stories can be reduced to this pattern. But, for the reason of how we learn to love. I think it is largely dependent on recognition. You either recognize that you have been loved in a way you could never repay other than to share it how it's been given to you, or you realize that you have to go out and seek it. That you have something to give or find. The movie incorporated both- going out and ultimately ending up back at home.

I imagine that the way the movie was written and directed left everyone with a different feeling. Significant moments were highlighted without being explained and in that way you leave the movie with thoughts of your own situation rather than someone else's explanation. I thought it was touching, sentimental, and especially poignant paired with Verona's pregnancy. They have nothing settled in their life, no plan, but their love kept them calm that they were still doing the right thing. It's that recognition that they were creating something that had already been created in them. It also may be one of those movies where you get caught crying walking out of the theatre...

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