chapter ii

chapter ii


This May Look Like a Sno-Cone...

....And it may even be the same flavor as a regular sno-cone. But this is no sno-cone. It is a Jim Jim's Water Ice.
You know when you hear, let's say... Josh Groban... or Celine Dion, or Whitney Houston sing and you think to yourself how crazy of a feeling it would have been to realize you have this voice in you? Well, I think that must be how this Jim Jim character felt about his non-sno-cone treat.
To form an analogy: Whitney Houston is to the words "And IIIIIIiiiii-e-iiiiiii" as Jim Jim is to water ice. They are that good and made with real fruit juice. They are perfect for the days after long nights or long weekends when you can't quite manage to quench your thirst no matter how much water you drink. They may even be good enough to quench the moral side of a hangover. Otherwise, they are just a perfectly tasty, cold, delicious summer treat and you should go get one, now. There are carts all over the place but the one I went to was a block and a 1/2 up from 35 on 6th street.


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Leigh said...

Jim Jim's is the best!! I love the pineapple flavor!


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