chapter ii

chapter ii


This Just In

Fact: Mockingbirds can differentiate between peeps and s'mores. And why wouldn't they? As the state bird of Texas it is only appropriate that these birds would be so superior.
It turns out that after only 2 days of repeated encounters with a Mockingbird they can pick you out of a crowd and remember you. They tend only to really focus on the people who are a threat to them though (Peeps, obvi)... and if you are a threat beware because dive bombing and Mockingbird alarms will sound off. And speaking of sounds, Mockingbirds can sing up to 200 different songs.
Whenever you hear information like this don't you just breathe a sigh of relief? That we figured something out like this and about the way that certain animals actually do think. For instance, how horrible would it be if they were wrong about fish having 3 second memories? What if that's a rumor? Very tricky water...literally.

Very neat, yes?

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