chapter ii

chapter ii


Benjamin Button

If you only watch the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,which is beautiful too, you will miss out on sentences like these:

(Read Slowly)

"A full moon drenched the road to the lusterless color of platinum,
and late-blooming harvest flowers breathed into the motionless air
aromas that were like low, half-heard laughter."

"Blind with enchantment, he felt that life was just beginning."

"For Benjamin the rest of the evening was bathed in a honey-colored
mist. Hildegarde gave him two more dances, and they discovered that
they were marvelously in accord on all the questions of the day."

The movie is based on the short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and like all of Fitzgerald's work it is so fun to read. What a great idea for a story in the first place and then as Benjammin grows young you get to see age magnified to the importance that it plays in life. It is more or less a deconstruction of time as we understand it.

I don't know how he wrote the way that he did but I just think his stories are nothing short of delightful. None of his books are very long but you can literally read them over and over and discover something new each time. I think I have read The Great Gatsby five times and my opinion of what the book is about has changed a little bit each time. And the concept of Benjamin Button seems so simple but is really complex and beautiful. In that sense, it is like poetry written in prose. Sentences can be unfolded and meaning hovers above ready to be discovered behind symbols and images.

Plus, do you know what Septuagenarian means?

It's a person whose age is in the 70s.

I think it's a good one. Who knew?

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