chapter ii

chapter ii



I'm not a big fan of amphibians or reptiles other than just in pictures or learning about them. Like, I don't want to hold them but theoretically I guess I could say I like some of them. I am very practiced in remaining calm when you get put in those situations where a boy has captured something crawly and you can see it in their eyes that they are going to put it on someone... obviously you want to scream and make threats, but exercising a bit of restraint no matter how hard will usually help you escape this frightening experience unscathed.
So obviously, I have thought long and hard about how to avoid holding critters like these at all cost. But, last night I was shown an article in National Geographic about all of these frogs that are dying, and it was so sad. Well, first of all, the frogs were absolutely beautiful. There are so many different species and when you look at their faces it's hard not to laugh because they either look happy and smiling

or smug and frustrated -both moods I find to be funny.
What was crazy about the article was that suddenly all of these populations of frogs that had been thriving in mass numbers were dying at an alarmingly rapid pace. A man interviewed for the article said when he came up to a place that had previously been populated by hundreds of frogs and discovered all of the dead ones that he sat down and cried. I mean obviously he's no tough guy but a man crying is very sad.
What seems like an isolated incident of these frogs dying is actually more about the whole chain. Frogs were around before dinosaurs and survived even when they all went extinct... so what is it that's managing to kill them off now? They talk about this disease that is spreading quickly through the populations because it can be transmitted really easily, like as easy as a hiker's boot or a bird that flies to different ponds and contaminates all of them.
What's scariest to me is that the dying frogs obviously represent some change that's taking place for reasons we don't really know...and will take effect in ways we can't really foresee because everything is connected somehow. (Even Peeps and S'mores...) And just look at them, they really are incredible. The colors, the patterns, and some of them are so prehistoric looking.

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