chapter ii

chapter ii



Because The Real Housewives New York is arguably the best show on television right now I thought I would use them as an example. The distinction here is very easy to see. Let's take as our subjects: Bethenny vs. Kelly.
When Kelly was first introduced to the scene it seemed like she had s'more qualities to offer...but to use a little French for Francois and Johan's sake I must say "au contraire mon frair."
She may be pretty, but don't let her fool you- she's a big, fat, peep. I was actually hoping that the episode where she moronically runs in NY traffic would end differently...
I know I shouldn't wish harm on anyone but after seeing her stupid pink Wellies, hearing her boring conversation with that cheesy Italian wannabe stallion about sparkles?, and calling arthritis "cute"... I kinda can't help but wish that the driver of the taxi who probably had to drive 2 mph behind her as she ran down the middle of the street in Manhattan would have had a slight leg spasm causing his vehicle to lurch forward suddenly...
She's just the worst. Where her job at Page Six might have been potentially fun and s'morish, her efforts to develop a jewelry line are about as peepish as, well, where it should be sold: on QVC. On the other hand, Bethenny's job is beneficial to society.

Teaching people how to be skinny while still eating cupcakes and drinking margaritas just improves quality of life. She should probably get an award... and Kelly should be punished however you think because I don't want to specifically describe something that would be incorporated into my karma. You understand.

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