chapter ii

chapter ii


Big Day for Peeps

Although the only kind of peep I would ever consider eating would look like this:

I was curious today, on a holiday where Americans consume an average of about 700 million peeps (gross) where Peeps came from. And was interested to discover that Peeps actually tie into one of the explanations for how the Easter bunny came to be.
You'll never believe. The country responsible for bringing us this:
Is also responsible for bringing us these:

(Yes, that peep is staring at you, but I think he's more afraid of you then you are of him)
It turns out that German immigrants were the ones who brought most of our bunny population to us. Which we owe them a great deal for things like this:

And it turns out that the largest community of German immigrants settled in a place called Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Ironic? Just as Bethlehem was the birthplace of the real Easter superstar, so was his rival the peep. Jesus was born in a manger, the peep in a candy store. The guy who actually came up with the peep was Russian, but it was the Germans who brought the idea of the Easter bunny and popularized the whole thing so that it could become what it is today. So thanks alot. I guess.

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