chapter ii

chapter ii



Because today is Friday the 13th and because I work in a store where the seamstress is verrry superstitious I have learned, after deciphering through a very thick Greek accent, that people really take this seriously. Not only Lisa from Greece, but it seems Continental Airlines, as well as Air Tran, Air France, and Iberia skip row 13 in seating. The article I confirmed this information was from 2005 so I don't know that all those airlines are still in business in these crazy times, but how peculiar that 13 has such a bad rap.. supposedly stemming from Christian and Viking folklore.

In the article he brings up an interesting point that this Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways omits row 13 even though in Japan the numbers they fear are 4's and 9's because 4 sounds like their word for "death" and 9 like their word for "torture." (hmmm, they are afraid of their own torture...)I guess we fear 13 because of those Jason masks?

It's strange to me that airlines would take this so seriously when the only other time I can remember a row or a floor in a building missing is from "Wayside School is Falling Down..." but I don't know the significance of 19 in that one.

Click here to read the article from USAToday, it's worthwhile and will only take a min.

And click here if you'd like to read the thrilling Wayside School is Falling Down... or if you have the reading level of a 3rd grader.

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