chapter ii

chapter ii


Possible Link Between the Gopher and the Fox

I have recently discovered a diamond in the ruff. That diamond being golf and the ruff being everything else on TV (that isn't Gossip Girl, The City, 30 Rock, Top Chef...well maybe not exactly a ruff but pretty close.) I discovered this little gem called "golf" when I got sick a couple of months ago and couldn't find anything that didn't drive me crazy and make me feel any more unsettled than I already was and luckily happened upon a golf game.

It's equal parts peaceful and intense. It is the primo example of a level of focus that I am pretty sure does not exist in my body or brain, wherever focus lives, and the fact that I don't really know where it lives is probably indicative of how lacking it is sometimes. For instance, now, when I set out to write a blog about golf and am instead babbling about myself and trying to focus.

Anyway, the thought of trying to get a ball that is 1.6 inches tall and weighs 1.6 ounces into a hole that you can't even see somewhere off in the distance at different distances per hole and with different obstacles at each different course blows my mind. All the while under the pressure of having a bunch of people (in the case of a tournament or whatever you can watch on TV) watching your every move. I get why it would be a businessman's sport of choice because it seems to mirror the amount of focus and difficult decision making skills that you have to have if your really up there in business.

I assume it takes mad skills to do both. And because of the amount of time golfers spend outside they are happier, tanner, dress well, and supposedly live longer...which all-in-all makes it for lack of a better word, hot. Golf is responsible for giving us the Arnold Palmer, the Tom Collins, and Chevy Chase in Caddyshack and it's undeniable that he is one fine piece of s'more. So thank you golf, thank you very little.

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