chapter ii

chapter ii



Disclaimer: I apologize for posting this photo around lunch time and for the insult/anger/contempt this post may invoke.
Almost as frustrating as looking at this picture and not being able to eat it, are the differences between peeps and s'mores. Not always, but sometimes, they reach a point of contention. Because people often ask what the differences are between a peep and a s'more (silly and obvious question, just accept and figure out) I will give an example.

Today one of my non-friends on gchat (you know how this happens? that you have people on your gchat list that you don't really want there but what harm are they doing really??... well...) posted as his status: "Chick-fil-a now has" and then I actually had to move my cursor over to see what the rest of the message was because who wouldn't be intrigued?... "smoothies."

Smoothies? I thought. Is this some kind of sick joke? I mean who cares? Honestly. Peep move. My actual gchat friend put it like this:
"Chick-fil-a does one thing really well. And unless they are now producing a pressure-fried chicken smoothie then I fail to see how they are building on their core competency."-A.F.

I mean he said formally what really amounts to calling him a type of bag that I don't want to have written on my blog. Then to clarify actually did call him this type of bag.

See, this situation highlights so clearly what this peeps and smores philosophy is. He meant nothing harmful by posting that as his status. He could not see that this seemingly harmless status would actually harm some people, like me. And to that, as many things (expletives) that you truly want to express all you can really say is: "This is the difference between you and me." And maybe sometimes ask for an apology.

Any questions? Feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

I hope your "non-gchat friend" or however you put it reads this blog entry and reconsiders his/her life and the direction in which it is headed...

Down With Cantaloupe said...

New header...very nice Mals!


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