chapter ii

chapter ii


Shell of Love

To my dismay I have discovered that lobsters mating for life is a myth. In fact, in one article I read about the topic the author described the situation as one where female lobsters wait outside of the male lobster's den for him to call her in so that they can mate. The author actually called male lobsters "rockstars of the ocean"...which makes me wonder.

I guess the lobsters that you actually pay market price for are the Gwenyth Paltrows and Kate Hudson lobsters of the ocean? I wonder if Chris Robinson would be as hairy in the lobster form. While the ones you get at Red Lobster are like the Bret Michael's Rock of Love rejects? A whole bucket of them worth $9.99 for a limited time! (I'm talking about the lobsters but there's a good chance that the Rock of Love rejects are worth a similar price...) I think I may be on to something...I can just imagine the female lobsters getting impatient and experimenting with different types of sea grass, waking up with cracks in their shells crashed into sea anenomes...

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