chapter ii

chapter ii


Peeps and S'mores

Peeps and S'mores has evolved from the earlier notion that you could divide people into two groups: Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. It's a simple question: what are you, chocolate chip or sugar cookie? Without even knowing anything about what that means, you can still answer it. Peeps and s'mores just happens to be a more encompassing and descriptive pair of labels.

The whole philosophy surrounding it is long, and mostly understood better by s'mores but should just be accepted as truth and held as prestigious as yin and yang... not to be confused with yingyang (as in that whole 90's movement when people wore Yaga and hemp anklets.) It's legit.

There can be bad peeps and bad s'mores. I think bad s'mores are more fun to hang out with than bad peeps because they are usually more willing to break the rules.

Peeps definitely can have fun though. See above picture.

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