chapter ii

chapter ii


In Love with Lincoln by Maira Kalman

Here are some new illustrations from a piece Maira Kalman did on Lincoln yesterday. I'm just putting the pictures up first because they are so fun but I have more to say on Lincoln after I got sucked into a 3 hour show about him on C-SPAN last week that was showcasing Lincoln collectors. One in particular was interesting to me, Louise Taper, who seemed to be chic and had an interesting flare in her collecting. Like for instance I think she had a collection of Presidential hats. Something that would be fun to look at for sure when you consider Lincoln.
And, I basically thought I was in love with Lincoln a couple of summers ago when I was reading the book Mary, a historical fiction book based on the essentially sad life of Mary Todd... including her crazy spending and being committed to a mental institution by her own son. But the descriptions of Lincoln's character were so appealing that it wasn't until a few months later that I was shocked to hear someone actually call him an "ugly President." I had no idea and still don't really. Apparently, when you start getting into Lincoln it's hard to get out.

Here's the link to the piece if you want to read it:

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