chapter ii

chapter ii


Salve Regina

I can remember two fairly opposite episodes from my childhood with equal amounts of clarity.

One is the time that I went out with my grandmother and "Amelia Badelia" at our cabin in New Mexico to pick apples, peel them, and actually bake a pie with them. It was of course homey and magical.

The other is when I figured out that I had misunderstood "Amelia Badelia's" name which was actually Amelia Padilla after I had already bragged to friends that I had baked a pie with the real Amelia Badelia.

It turns out my gullibility showed up in other areas such as when I believed and told friends that my dad had been shot by an Indian... an excuse he had given that was more interesting than explaining to a 5 year old what a small pox vaccine was.

Although it turned out to be fairly embarrassing when I found out that I had unknowingly been proud about things that weren't true, looking back they are things that I am really grateful to have had. It seems the older in age you can make it living in the imaginary world kids live in, the better. Well, with very obvious age limitations. I mean atleast making it to middle school before realizing that people can be mean to one another for no reason...rather than say being 40 and living at home with your parents Stepbrothers-style... or for that matter being a cynic at age 6.

But seriously, in addition to my own imaginary references are the ones that some of my friends have told of theirs. Halloween for example. One of my friends went one year as a blown fuse...? Her costume consisted mostly of wires that led up to her hair which was modeled to look after the cartoon illustration of what sticking your finger in a light socket does. Another went as Whoopi Goldberg. She wore a nun's habit and her mother painted her black. It seems it was nothing short of destiny that children like this would grow up to be friends. And it really is a lucky thing. It's one of those lucky things that helps you realize truly how indebted to your parents you are in ways they may not even be aware of.. and I like it.

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