chapter ii

chapter ii


Gypsy Tears

I know the economy is bad... but I didn't know it was this bad.

My boyfriend happens to live in an Austin version of a townhouse... and as Austin likes to be "kept weird" this townhouse facilitates that goal. Basically, most of the townhouse is his (and his brother's) living area except for a sectioned off part of the upstairs, divided by only one door where the knob has been removed. So, you can't get in that way but there is still a one inch space at the bottom of the door where any of her curried stews can permeate the rest of the space.

Her living space is located directly above the garage and that is it. So, her living space is the size of a 2 car garage. We are not sure where exactly you could fit a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in that small of a space but assume that she must be cooking on a crock pot and showering outside with the hose in the wee hours of the morning.

We have come to the conclusion that her said job as an "investment banker" must be a cover for her true profession: Gypsy. She usually works long hours and isn't around very much but lately we have noticed her car hasn't moved. (She's a modern gypsy)This has happened once before when her car didn't move for about 2 weeks and we were worried that something bad had happened. It was only one night at 4:30 a.m. when we had accrued enough liquid courage to go knock on her door to make sure she was still alive. Thankfully, Gypsies are hard sleepers.

This time, we are sure it is the economy. We fear she has been laid off. And I know that this has become commonplace for various fields but gypsying? It has gone too far. This economic crunch is nothing if not far-reaching.

We can assume that she is upset about her recent job-loss because although we know she is home, we cannot hear her moving around a lot which leads to the conclusion that she is sad and possibly sleeping or moping. But, as optimism can be found in any situation- I have heard that gypsy tears can be very valuable.

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