chapter ii

chapter ii


Moon Face

 I recently read a description of Meryl Streep in the January issue of Town&Country that I thought was so on-point. The author of the article, Molly Haskell, described her "off-center looks" as a "milky--man-in-the-moon face, round and flat in certain lights and in others full of shadows and contours." I tried to test out how perfect of a description it was: 

       Me:"I'm going to send you a description of someone and you guess who it is."
       MC: "Up for the challenge."
Me: "A female, actress, with a man-in-the-moon face."

I almost thought it was too easy... turns out it was difficult only because so many people fit the description: 

1. Sandra Oh   2.Christina Ricci  3. Julia Stiles  4. Renee Zellweger  5. Jenna Fischer, followed by a justification: "While she isn't as moonfaced as her colleague Dwight Shrute she is slightly moonish." 6. Abigail Breslin  7. Joan Cusack  8. Tild Swinton and finally... 9. Meryl. 

Who knew?


Anonymous said...

where did the picture of sandra oh go?? now no one can make fun of me at work.

Mal said...

Well, considering I'm just getting used to how this blogging thing works, Sandra Oh, aka Moonface, would have been at the bottom of the blog forever... I have to figure out how to attach her just to that post. Because unlike you, anonymous, I am not obsessed with Sandra Oh. ;)


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